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My Story

The Beginning of My Life’s Quest

A Quick Biography

Lil Josh

A song called, “You Can’t Go to School with Pajamas on”

Born in Evanston, IL, in 1998, I had picked up the guitar (quite improperly) by 2001, and written the song title you’ve read above. A real banger – though, one horrifically erased from original tape by a toy metal detector placed too close to a VHS cabinet. This, I will never be forgiven for by my parents, nor will the metal detector. Despite this hardship, I returned to pick up the guitar again at age 8, this time relatively more properly.

Four years later, at the age of 12, I began to experiment with single-track recording as can be seen in early covers on YouTube. By early high school, I had begun self-teaching bass, drums, keys, and the ever-prestigious egg shaker, building multi-track layered recordings. This led me to pursue the arts of mixing and mastering, as well as some mild video editing. These videos can be found on the Music page.

In 2017, I released by debut EP, Color it Blue – a collection of five songs written, recorded, and produced entirely independently. I have also continued to perform as part of jazz/r&b/rock bands, at underground house shows (some of which I run!), and recently at FYG U Fest @ UIUC.

“You can’t go to school with pajamas on
’cause the teacher will say
Take your son back home
& give him some clothes” [a 12-bar blues]
-Josh Hoffman-Peterson, age 3 
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The Next Chapter

Travelling through Iceland, one of the most harsh yet beautiful island countries struck me like ice through the heart. Southeast Asia got my heart pumping. Though it’s long been on the travellers’ trail, it doesn’t take too much to get off the beaten track – whether it’s to discover that perfect beach or to delve into the lush surrounds of the rainforest. Overlooking the city of Battambang in Cambodia with my DSLR at the ready, I became entranced with a million different stories I could imagine, etched on each person’s face.

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Sunset in Paradise

It didn’t have to be that perfect beach or the humid rainforest to make me realize. It was that moment of pause – to think about my passion and to realize that there would be a way to reach it after all. Anyone could do it. Why not me? My paradise is the pursuit.

Looking To The Future

I’ve met some amazing clients who have become almost family to me. The numerous travels and projects abroad haven’t diminished my love for the unknown, but only heightened it. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. I just lucked out with being able to take mine early on in life. And I want to help you with yours. Let me help you start that journey… from one single step to a thousand. Here’s to you.