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The Story

Josh has had an inclination towards the arts since the start of life. It began as he would fat-fingeredly bang out tunes on a tiny toy guitar in the mornings before pre-school. After a brief hiatus, he returned to the instrument of his choice at age 8, realizing the infinite enjoyment that was to be had from it.

Age 9, Josh gets his first electric guitar, an electric blue, white pickgaurd, Sammick stratocaster copy. This was when the fire was truly ignited, as well as the time when the album art on Color it Blue was drawn.

At age 13, Josh began to experiment with recorded music, and released a series of simple cover songs to his newly formed YouTube channel, JoshHPMusic. From then on, the covers became overtly more complicated and involved; layering and multi-instrumentalism more broadly applied from each video to the next, editing and production became much more involved.

The only natural outcome of this progression was realized at age 17. Josh’s first original production, Outliers, is released, along with a lyric video. The song was initiated in a high school English class as a joke- when asked what kind of creative project would be preferred in response to a non-fiction book reading, Josh blurted out, “Could I just write a song?” To his surprise, his teacher was all over the idea. The only problem was the one-week deadline on the project. In that single week, the song was written, recorded, and produced by Josh, and subsequently released to the public. Malcolm Gladwell has not responded for comment.

Fast forward to today. On his 19th birthday, Josh released Color it Blue, his debut EP and most comprehensive project to date. The album consists of five songs entirely written, recorded, and produced by Josh himself, and it lives up with his proudest accomplishments to date.

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